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Elevated radiation level detected in a scrap-loaded railway wagon, entering “Stomana Industry” S.A.

“Stomana Industry” S.A, Pernik, 24.10.2011

Site with SIR or place of the event: “Stomana Industry” S.A, Pernik

Date: 06.10.2011 Time: 10:13

Event description:

During the entrance check of a scrap-loaded railway wagon in “Stomana Industry” S.A. (town of Pernik), a device form aircraft, containing Ra-226, was discovered.

The NRA emergency centre was notified that on 6th October 2011 the portal radiation monitoring system of the “Stomana Industry” S.A. – town of Pernik detected elevated radiation level in a scrap-loaded railway wagon. The railway wagon was stationed on a separate track on a special platform on site and was put under surveillance.

The measured dose rate was up to 0.7 µSv/h, on the surface of a small area on the side of the wagon (the natural gamma background in the area is between 0.07 and 0.11 µSv/h). Following a field spectrometric analysis, the presence of the radioactive isotope Ra-226 (radium-226) was identified.

The wagon was partly unloaded and the item, causing the elevated radiation levels, was discovered and removed from the scrap. The later represented a device from aircraft – compass (diameter of 80 mm, height of about 120 mm, weighted about 200g), containing Ra-226. The measured values of the gamma dose-rate at 10 cm were about 4.1 µSv/h and in contact – up to 10.3 µSv/h. Probably the isotope Ra-226 was included as an ingredient of a luminous paint.

The removed object was packed and put in a safe place for temporary safe storage. After additional measurements the railway wagon was released for unloading.


INES rating of the event 0
*The final assessment by the NRA on the level of the event according to INES is announced following the receipt of the final report on the results from the investigation and the analysis of the event, according to art.12 of the Regulation for notification.

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